Special Event October 7, 2016


Wissahickon Special Event
October 7, Friday, 10:00 a.m. Tribute to Chuck Tague at Raccoon Creek State Park, Wildflower Reserve Nature Center. Joan Tague will be there to present her personal memories of Chuck.
Brittanie from the Wildflower Reserve staff will unveil an owl box to be installed in Chuck’s honor. Afterwards we will caravan to a picnic area for lunch, then off to the Valley Picnic Trail for a bird walk. Bring a lunch, beverages, field guides and binoculars.

Please RSVP to mywintermoon@verizon.net

Next Meeting September 29, 2016

Andrew Moore will present

Pawpaws. Join Andrew Moore as he explores the

past, present, and future of this unique fruit, which

is described as a cross between a mango and a

banana. Enjoy a lively discussion that will be filled

with pawpaw lore and knowledge, not only from the

plant breeders and horticulturists working to bring

the fruit into the mainstream, but also regular folks

Andrew met through his travels and research. In

addition, Andrew will dig a little deeper, looking into

American foodways and how economic, biologic,

and cultural forces combine, leading us to eat what

we eat, and sometimes to ignore the incredible,

delicious food growing all around us.

Since September is pawpaw season, Andrew hopes

to bring some fresh fruit for tasting!

Whiskerville Trip Report


Even though the day started off cloudy and threatening rain in Pittsburgh, by the time we arrived in Butler County the sky cleared and the sun came out.  The temperature was in the mid-70’s perfect for finding dragonflies and butterflies.


Four club members braved the muddy path to the various ponds and were rewarded with 22 species of dragonflies, 18 species of butterflies and 34 species of wildflowers. Click here to see the list.  Thanks to Dick Nugent for submitting the bird species seen.  Click here to see his list.

whiskerville gamelands

whiskerville gamelands

Painted skimmer

Painted skimmer

12 spotted skimmer

12 spotted skimmer

IMG_3326Large Cranberry

After eating our bag lunches in the gravel parking lot, we headed to Jennings Prairie where we found 48 wildflowers in bloom and two more species of butterflies.




Common Whitetail

Common Whitetail

Variable Dancer

Variable Dancer

Painted skimmer

Painted skimmer




Sad News


It is with deep sorrow that the Wissahickon Nature Club announces the death, on Friday June 17, 2016,  of our Past President, Chuck Tague. View the obituary from the Daytona Beach News:  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/news-journalonline/obituary.aspx?n=charles-r-tague-chuck&pid=180427639

Sympathy cards may be mailed to his wife, Joan, at their home address:

22 Creek Bluff Way, Ormand Beach, FL 32174


Trip Report: Buzzard Swamp June 3, 2016


Even though it was raining in Pittsburgh, the weather in Marionville was warm and dry with a slight breeze.  Very pleasant.  Five club members walked the 4.6 mile loop around the swamp and saw a nice variety of butterflies and dragonflies.  Click here for the list of species found today.






Pepper and Salt Skipper



Green Frog

Pink Lady Slipper

Pink Lady Slipper

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow


Cinnamon Ferns

Some photos submitted by Don Weiss:

snapping turtle

Snapping Turtle



12 spotted skimmer


Purple Finch



Hobomok Skipper

arctic skipper

Arctic Skipper



Bluet damselfly species

And some photos from Monica Miller:


Arched Hooktip Moth


Arctic Skipper



Anniversary Picnic at Mingo Park

Mingo Bridge

June 11, 2016  Saturday   10:00 AM

Picnic at Mingo Creek State Park – Shelter 4  ( Near the Ebenezer Bridge)
Join us as we celebrate the Wissahickon Nature Club’s 75th Anniversary.
Wissahickon will provide kielbasa, hot dogs, charcoal, buns, paper plates and condiments.

Bring your own beverages.
Please bring a side dish to share. Shelter 4 is equipped with electricity, so crock-pots are welcome.
Bring field guides and binoculars.  Wear hiking shoes, a hat and sun block.
Everybody’s welcome -not just Wissahickon Nature Club members.

>From Pittsburgh via I-79: Take I-79 South to Exit 43. Turn right and follow to stop sign. Turn right on Route 519 South and follow to Route 136 East. Follow signs for Mingo Creek Park (left turn into park) and the Park Office. Just past the Park Office (office on right), make a left to Shelter 4, through the Ebenezer Covered Bridge.
>From Pittsburgh via Route 51: Take Route 51 South to PA Toll Route 43 South. Pay $1 toll and take Exit 44. Turn right on Route 136 West. Follow signs for Mingo Creek Park (right turn into park) and the Park Office. Just past the Park Office (office on right), make a left to Shelter 4, through the Ebenezer Covered Bridge.
>From New Stanton: Take I-70 West to PA Toll Route 43 North (towards Pittsburgh). Take Exit 44 (toll 50
cents) and turn left on Route 136 West. Follow signs for Mingo Creek Park (right turn into park) and the Park Office. Just past the Park Office (office on right), make a left to Shelter 4, through the Ebenezer Covered Bridge.
>From South Hills via Route 88: Take Route 88 South until you’re approaching where a REALLY HIGH bridge (Route 43, Joe Montana Bridge) passes over it. Make a right onto Ginger Hill Road at a little sign on your right that says “Mingo Creek 2 miles”. Make the next immediate right onto Little Mingo Road. Follow this until you get to the park entrance on your left. Turn left into the park and take the main park road through, following the signs for the Park Office. The first bridge you will pass is the Henry Bridge — not Ebenezer; continue straight and do not go through it. Just past the Park Office (office on right), make a left to Shelter 4, through the Ebenezer Covered Bridge.
Or visit http://www.co.washington.pa.us/downloads/167.pdf


Trip Report May 23, 2016 Boyce Mayview

Margaret's phlox at Boyce Mayview 4-20-16Saturday, May 23 was cool and cloudy, but two of us were treated to some lovely displays of wildflowers at Boyce Mayview park in Upper St. Clair.  From the Boyce Rd. parking lot, we hiked the Wetlands, Duckbill and Trillium Trails.  Highlights were gorgeous hillsides of Blue Phlox and Toadshade Trilliium, and a lovely patch of Large Flowered Bellwort.  Also seen were Dutchman’s Breeches, Toothwort, Larkspur, Golden Alexanders and Lesser Celandine.  Past their prime were Trout Lilies, Hepatica, Spring Beauty and Bloodroot.  We got a good look at a Towhee, but missed the Blue Herons and Great White Egrets seen earlier.



Submitted by Leader: Judy Stark

Trip Report Raccoon Creek Wildflower Reserve May 7, 2016

Click here for a list of the flowering species we found and more photos.

On a cloudless morning, ten people attended our nature walk at Raccoon. The temperatures went from mid 50’s to low 70’s for the 3 mile loop on the Jennings and Audubon Trails. Over 50 species were in bloom and another handful in bud.

The hills sides were covered with Dwarf larkspur and the lowlands we re dense with spring cress and golden ragwort. Violets abounded. The trillium were waning but were still beautiful. Goldenseal was still in bloom.IMG_2986-001

Common Blue Violet

Common Blue Violet


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Dwarf Larkspur

Grandiflora Trillium

Grandiflora Trillium

The highlight of the day for me was the abundance of the submerged aquatic buttercup, yellow water crowsfoot, Ranuculus flabellaris, which was a life plant for all attending.

Yellow Water Crowsfoot

Yellow Water Crowsfoot