Susanne Varley     

1-26-54 to 6-2-2023

To:  Wissahickon Nature Club Members and Friends

From:  Dianne Machesney, Treasurer

RE:  Susanne Varley                   1-26-54 to 6-2-2023

With much sadness, Wissahickon Nature Club announces the passing of long- time member and Program Coordinator, Sue Varley, who died of heart failure on Friday, June 2nd.

There will not be a viewing because Sue made pre-arrangements with Pitt to donate her body to science.

Her sister, Caroline, said that they may not get to have her remains to bury for three to twelve months.  At that time there will be a private service at Queen of Heaven Cemetery.

Sue’s faithful companion, Icy Blue, is being adopted by her niece Sarah.

In her will, Sue left all her nature books to the club.  Since we no longer have a physical location, I suggested we give them to our members at the Jennings Hike on July 21st, with any leftovers going to Latodomi Nature Center in North Park.  Caroline agreed that was a good idea.

You may leave your condolences to Sue’s family on her Facebook page. 

Sue was good friends with Chuck Tague, who she meet while volunteering at the National Aviary.  I hope they and Esther Allen are hiking the trails together in heaven.  May they all rest in peace.

Read her obit from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette here: SUSANNE IRENE VARLEY | Obituary | Pittsburgh Post Gazette (

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