April 28, 2016 Meeting

Donna 3Our speaker, Donna Foyle, talked about her birding trip to St. Lawrence Island, Alaska.  She stayed four nights at the village of Gambell, which has no motorized vehicles except ATVs.  About 600 Yupik native Americans call Gambell home.   All supplies, food,  building materials,clothes, televisions, ATVs etc. must be flown in.

Donna 2

The second leg of the trip was in Nome, where they saw glaciers with blue ice, melting into the sea.

Donna F

Donna purchased a hand carved ivory walrus tusk image of a whale as a souvenir. The residents depend on tourists to supplement their incomes.

The rocks were samples of the hard-to-walk  beach area.  This was the last meeting of the club year.   See you again on the trails and back at Fern Hollow Nature Center in September.


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