October 27, 2016 Meeting


Jeffrey Hall presented “Great Texas Birding Trail: the Rio Grande Valley.
The  Lower   Rio  Grande  Valley  of  Texas  teems  with  unique  birds  like  green   jays,  chachalacas,  Altamira  orioles,  and  kiskadees.  It  is  full  of   iconic  birding  spots  like  Santa  Ana  and  Laguna  Atascosa  National   Wildlife  Refuges,  South  Padre  Island,  Bentsen-­‐Rio  Grande  State   Park…so  many,  in  fact,  that  they  have  now  been  linked  into  the   “World  Birding  Center.”  This  program  introduced  us  to  many   of  the  natural  wonders  of  a  very  special  part  of  our  country .

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