Meeting September 29, 2016 Paw Paws

pawpaw2-smallAndrew Moore  presented

Pawpaws. We joined Andrew Moore as he spoke of the

past, present, and future of this unique fruit, which

is described as a cross between a mango and a

banana. We enjoyed a presentation about

pawpaw lore and knowledge, not only from the

plant breeders and horticulturists working to bring

the fruit into the mainstream, but also regular folks

Andrew met through his travels and research. In

addition, Andrew dug a little deeper, looking into

American foodways and how economic, biologic,

and cultural forces combine, leading us to eat what

we eat, and sometimes to ignore the incredible,

delicious food growing all around us.


Since September is pawpaw season, Andrew

brought some fresh fruit for tasting!  He also had copies of his award winning book for sale.

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