Trip Report May 23, 2016 Boyce Mayview

Margaret's phlox at Boyce Mayview 4-20-16Saturday, May 23 was cool and cloudy, but two of us were treated to some lovely displays of wildflowers at Boyce Mayview park in Upper St. Clair.  From the Boyce Rd. parking lot, we hiked the Wetlands, Duckbill and Trillium Trails.  Highlights were gorgeous hillsides of Blue Phlox and Toadshade Trilliium, and a lovely patch of Large Flowered Bellwort.  Also seen were Dutchman’s Breeches, Toothwort, Larkspur, Golden Alexanders and Lesser Celandine.  Past their prime were Trout Lilies, Hepatica, Spring Beauty and Bloodroot.  We got a good look at a Towhee, but missed the Blue Herons and Great White Egrets seen earlier.



Submitted by Leader: Judy Stark

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